Estimating & Quotation Letter Production                                                                    (Back)

This module utilises our Resource / Work Centre Specification database of your machines and processes and their associated Hourly Charge Rates, along with sub-contract processes your organisation uses.

It can be used as a simple "This is your quote" type format where you just enter item details and prices for it, or you can specify all the associated operations and parts to give a detailed and accurate costing for the quotation. The reason for the variation in quoting methods allows companies with low hit rates on quotations to not be burdened with extensive work in trying to get a quotation out of the system, but alternatively it can be used by other companies to build up the basis for a real job that can be turned into a real works order at the click of a button.

1st Manufacturing keeps a full and detailed list of all quotations along with the history so you can analise how acurate you have been with you quoting as well as extensive reporting on quote success rates.

A Quotation is initially specified by assigning to the appropriate Customer and detailing the Items and Batch Quantities to be Quoted.

Quotations are quickly built-up by estimating the Set and Operation times for each Operation Step and associating with the appropriate Resource Code (Work Centre). This process will utilise the Rate per Hour you have defined for that Resource although you can over-ride with a specific rate if required.

After Material and Process Prices are allocated (Batch and/or Unit Prices catered for) the system calculates the appropriate Batch Prices which the Estimator can accept or override with a ‘commercially more suitable’ price.

Optionally, Quantity Discounts can be applied as part of the Batch Price calculation as can the build-up of Components for an Assembly Quotation.

After selecting from a choice of opening and closing paragraphs Quotation Letters can be immediately produced on your Company Letterheads or even faxed straight from the computer to your Client.

A Detailed Quotation Breakdown and Analysis Sheet can also be produced for the in-house file copy.

The Major Benefits provided by this system are:

       -     Consistent, detailed and rapid response to Enquiries

       -      Easy access to an organised reference base of Quotations

       -      Quotations can be very quickly generated from Template Quotes
              (useful for ‘house’ products) or previous Quotes for the same or a
              similar Part

       -      When used in conjunction with other aspects of 1st Manufacturing the
              Quotation data can be used for first line Shop Floor Scheduling,
              Forecasting Delivery Dates on Quotations and can be transferred to
              Manufacturing Instructions for Route/Job Card production.